Message from Administration

In support of Rocky View Schools’ vision to ensure that students are literate and numerate and are building 21st C competencies, this year our school has put in place specific strategies to address these school and board goals. Manachaban had begun examining numeracy through a more detailed perspective over two years ago. We continue to support staff and students by having built in numeracy blocks and by providing resources to address numeracy in a concrete way.

Building on the beginnings of two years ago, we have implemented learning groups of teachers with our Math lead teacher. Last year, grade seven teachers had the opportunity to collaborate with our lead teacher. We will continue to support this practice this year with a different grade team. We continue to encourage teachers to join other classes during the coaching and collaboration periods we have implemented as part of our normal scheduling. Also, while literacy results have traditionally been strong for our school, we have brought more intentional focus on supporting literacy in our French Immersion program.

French Immersion programs have changed over the last decade in a direction that makes the programs more reflective of the general school population rather than an elite or selective program. As a result, the need for learning support in French Immersion has continued to grow. To answer this growing need we have set aside the equivalent of half a teaching position to support the French Immersion struggling learner.

Our work in developing the 21st century competencies has also been ongoing for the past two years. Teachers have used the language of competencies in their classrooms and have begun to reflect to students the importance of competencies. To foster growth of these competencies in students we will use a digital portfolio this year that is based on these competencies. Additionally, we have added a goal page on the digital portfolio. The plan for this, is to have students reflect regularly when assessed work is returned or when students are asked to reflect on their ability to meet the competency requirements.

The competency continua will serve as an underlying foundation for that work with students. École Manachaban continues to grow and expand in its ability to work with students in new ways of thinking and working and in new ways of using tools, such as the digital portfolio. While we add new strategies and goals for ourselves as a learning community, we also hold strong to our values of creating a caring and safe school that values all learners for who they are as people by continuing our focus on mental health.

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