One to One Initiative

Grade eight students in the 2018-19 school year, will be encouraged to bring their own laptops/computers to school.

In September 2018, Manachaban embarked upon the RVS One-to-One project for our grade 8 students.  Our new grade 8 students will be encouraged to bring their own laptop to school to support their learning.

What is the primary goal of this initiative?

The key goal of this initiative is improving and enhancing student learning by making computers a ubiquitous tool for our grade eight students.  Primarily, two major factors brought us to this decision.  First, our grade eight faculty encouraged the move to a one to one environment.  Time was spent searching for computers and while students often found them in the building, the time should be used for learning.  Second, feedback from parents of high school students was that learning how to organize your own device and having the experience for a year in grade eight was felt to be invaluable.  Students also felt they would benefit from having their own device in grade eight.

Why move in this direction?

There has been a surge of research related to the role of technology in the daily lives of students.  Dr. Sharon Friesen, a leading researcher in the area, believes five core principles must be followed to engage today’s “millennials”, a term used to describe the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s:

  1. Effective teaching practice begins with the thoughtful and intentional design of learning that engages students intellectually and academically.
  2. The work that students are asked to undertake is worthy of their time and attention, is personally relevant, and deeply connected to the world in which they live.
  3. Assessment practices are clearly focused on improving student learning and guiding teaching decisions and actions.
  4. Teachers foster a variety of interdependent relationships in classrooms that promote learning and create a strong culture around learning.
  5. Teachers improve their practice in the company of peers.

Surrounding and infused into each of these five core principles is the effective use of the technologies. It is undeniable that the face of education and the role of technology are changing rapidly.

Are students able to use existing laptops for this initiative?

At this point in time, standards set for student laptops include existing student equipment.  The devices brought to school will need to support the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.  However if specialized functions are required for a specific course, such as video editing and storage, a current student owned computer might not be adequate.  In such cases, the school will have available computers for these specific purposes.

How will student computers be supported?

Ultimately, our learners will be responsible for their own computers, i.e., for safe handling, warranty issues, fixing breakage.   Students will be able to access our School Technologist for assitance in accessing our school wireless network, and for general school-related computer issues, however, our school technologist will not be able to service or maintain student owned devices.

How will computer theft be addressed?

We strongly recommends parents insure their student’s computer through home insurance.  As with all possessions brought to school, it is important for students to keep their valuables secure by keeping them in their locker.  Additionally, there are options that help track to whom the machine belongs, such as "Find my Mac" on Apple devices.  Permanent identification of the machine via engraving is also an option.

Does Manachaban have the infrastructure to support the student laptops?

We have increased our access points in the school to insure that access to online based learning is reliable.

What other technologies will be used through this initiative?

All of the classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and/or LCD projectors. These tools will be used regularly as a teaching tool.  The schools also use the school website, which serves as a powerful tool to post important information for both students and parents.  Google Classroom, Google Docs and Google Sites are internet software applications students will be using at Manachaban.

Will this initiative be evaluated?

Theoretically, the implementation of one-to-one ubiquitous computing technology should lead to improvements in academic performance, increased student motivation, increased competency, and effective utilization of technology.  Both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected and student and parent focus groups will be held.

What is the plan to communicate with the stakeholders?

As we have already done, we will continue to send email updates to the grade 7 parent group in anticipation of this initiative in September of 2016.

Who can I contact for more information?

You are invited to contact administration at Manachaban Middle School, should you have questions about this initiative.

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