Providing social and emotional supports for our students continues to be an area of priority. One such endeavor is to continue to create Manachaban's own Cochrane Healing Arts Time (CHAT) space, modeled after Cochrane High School’s award-winning CHAT Room, but geared toward the needs of the Middle Level learner.


The CHAT room is a calm and safe space for all students to explore and uncover any personal challenges that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential. The program is unique in that it allows for students to creatively explore their feelings through art. The educational benefits of using the healing arts to facilitate learning are many. This process empowers students to develop self-esteem, confidence, advocacy, resiliency, efficacy, peer relationships and 21st century competencies. Developing these skills within a universal learning environment, allows students to improve their coping skills enabling them to deal with peer pressure and academic stressors more effectively.

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