Allergy Aware Policy

Allergy Aware Policy

Ecole Manachaban Middle School is an allergy-aware school. We are sensitive to the needs of all students and staff with allergies. However, we cannot be absolutely certain that all food products brought into our lunch rooms or classrooms are free of potential allergens. While we make an effort to keep students and staff from being exposed to allergens, we cannot guarantee it will never occur.

Being Allergy Aware means we are:

  • Aware that certain food allergies can cause serious complications and can kill
  • Aware that some of our students and/or staff have life-threatening food allergies
  • Aware that it is everyone’s right to be safe at school
  • Aware of the signs and of anaphylaxis, and what to do if we see it

If a student has a severe food allergy, it is strongly advised that the parents and/or guardians of the student contact the office at the beginning of the school year so that an alternative eating area can be provided. If your child carries an Epi-Pen, an up-to-date prescription and a signed medication administration authorization form should be submitted to the front office for emergency use.

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