GSA Initiatives

All-Gender Washrooms

In the 2016-2017 school year, our GSA worked with school staff to adjust the signage on our four single-stall washrooms.

Previously, the washrooms were labelled "Staff: female", "Staff: male", "Accessible", and "Washroom".  Thanks to sponsorship from SmartSign (who provided the signs to us free of cost), we were able to relabel our doors to "All-Gender: Staff" (on two doors), "All-Gender: Accessible" and "All-Gender".

The "All-Gender: Accessible" and "All-Gender" washrooms are available for student use if they are not comfortable going to the washroom or changing in the regular student washrooms and changerooms.  One is located in the main hallway by the gymnasium and one is located off the workroom, in the office area.


Pink Shirt Day 2018

Inspired by the idea of another GSA we met at the 2017 Alberta GSA Conference, our GSA designed a Manachaban-specific shirt for Pink Shirt Day 2018.  On the front, we had our new Manachaban Warriors logo, and on the back, we had an acrostic poem describing ways to be a good friend.  Students at the school were able to purchase them for $15 and we had more than 100 orders!


Button Maker

In the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years, we hosted several bake sales and did a photo event in order to fundraise to buy a button maker.  Then, we were thriled to have the generous support of the Lafarge construction company, who purchased both the button maker kit and the button punch kit for us.

Button makers are particularly important for GSAs, as it allows students to create buttons on which they can display their preferred name and pronouns (he / him, she / her, they / them).


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