Vision - Mission - Guiding Beliefs

Engage. Explore. Excel. (Academics)

Respect. Understand. Grow. (Interpersonal)


Our mission is

Our school community believes…

…to respect and accept each other.

…in fostering caring relationships towards each other, our community and the environment.

…for all individuals succeed through engagement.

…in meeting learners’ individual needs through differentiated instructional approaches.

… to learn through exploration and experiences.

…in providing learners with access to engaging, exploratory learning experiences that foster critical and creative thinking.

…to develop a connected community of learners.

…that developing a solid foundation in skills and attitudes helps students become successful learners and collaborators.

…to make choices which foster informed and engaged citizenship.

… that academic and social responsibility promote the excellence Manachaban strives for.

…to reach deeper levels of understanding and responsibility.

… that we must provide high quality instruction and a well-rounded cultural experience.

… to provide assessment that is varied, accurate, and continuous.

…that assessment practices are balanced and developed through “understanding by design”, and UDL planning.

… to use technology to enhance learning in our continually changing world.

…that technology should be integrated to support all learners in a balanced, meaningful way.


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