Manachaban Parent Volunteer Registry

Form for registering to volunteer at our school

This is one way of volunteering your time for the Manachaban School Community.  If you would prefer, please call the office directly at (403) 932-2215, and we would be glad to assist you in finding an appropriate volunteer time.


Relationship to Student
Please select the appropriate home room class by scrolling through the list.
Please indicate your area of expertise, so that we may contact you to work in other areas of the school, as required. Examples: we might need a Geologist to work with our Grade 8 students. If you complete this, we can contact you.
Area of Interest
Indicate the areas you would be willing to volunteer your time in.
Please indicate your first available date. In the following field, indicate any other dates and/or information that would help us with scheduling your volunteer time.
First Available Date
/ /   :
Please provide information on potential dates of availability
Preferred Time of Day
RCMP Records Check
Do you have a current RCMP Records Check? If you select yes, please submit a copy to the office before your first volunteer date.

Thank you for submitting this form.  All information will be reviewed by the office staff.  If you volunteered for hot lunch or tuck shop, you will be contacted by the appropriate volunteer coordinators.  All other volunteers will be confirmed through the office.