Welcome to Grade 6-4 and 6-5

  • Welcome to 6-4 and 6-5's home page. On this site you will find course info, forms, homework (weekly bulletin) and links to some useful websites.
  • We (Mrs. Vandermeer/Mrs. Arsenault 6-5, and Mrs. Wiskar 6-4) will be the grade 6 English team this year. Mrs. Arsenault will teach ELA to both classes, Mrs. Vandermeer will teach Social and  PE, to both classes, while Mrs. Wiskar will teach Science and Math to both classes.
  • We would like to begin an open communication with parents where you should feel free to email or phone us at the school whenever you need to.  Thank You!
  • You may contact us via email 6-4 Mrs. Wiskar and 6-5 Mrs. Saltvold or Mrs. Vandermeer


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