Emergency Response

Everything you need to know if there is an emergency at our school.

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School Supplies

If a current school year list is not present for your child's grade, then please use the previous year's list.
File Grade 8 Supply List
Grade 5 School Supply List
Grade 6 School Supply List
Grade 7 School Supply List
WILD Supply List
The attached list says 2021-22 school year but it is transferrable to each year going forward. We will update it as needed or you can double check with your WILD teacher.
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Parent Handbook

Parent and Student Handbook

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PowerSchool Info

Welcome to PowerSchool for Parents

If you haven't already done so, please set-up your parent portal login to access student attendance and grade information.  Parents have been provided with an instruction letter on how to set up their accounts and to link to one or more students.  If you did not receive this information, please request it via email or telephone (403) 932-2215 Extension 6201.  For setup instructions for your account, including using on an iOS device, select "Quick Reference".

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RVS Adult Learning

RVS Community Learning is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities in Rocky View.

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SchoolSoft Conference Manager

Information for Booking Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
  • Conferences are booked twice per year, towards the end of Term 1 and Term 2.
  • Parents can see up-to-date assessment information in the PowerSchool portal.
  • Parents create an account, and log in to book into their 10-minute conference slot of choice.
  • For assistance in logging in, or setting up your account for the first time, please refer to this help document.
  • To log in to the conference manager, please use the following link:
  • For further information, please contact the office at (403) 932-2215
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Student Attendance

Attendance, Lates and Early Dismissal

Attendance Procedures

To provide quality educational opportunities for all students, parents, students and the school must work closely in supporting regular daily attendance. If students are absent, parents are asked to call the school and report the absence on the attendance line at 1-833-244-5565.  We also have a new attendance system call Safe Arrival which is accessed through School Messenger.  Here is some information about it Safe Arrival. In addition you may also want to advise the teacher directly by e-mail.

Extended Absence

Extended, “during the school year holidays” affect student performance. Please consider this carefully when planning holidays. Please understand that while staff will do do their utmost to be supportive, they are not obligated to provide instructional materials for students due to extended family holidays.

Arriving Late and Leaving Early

Students should arrive at 8:45 a.m. to allow 10 minutes for a locker visit and organization for the day.  Students should be seated in the classroom and ready to learn by 8:55 a.m, Period 1. Students must report to the office when arriving late for school. Students are expected to arrive promptly to all classes. Individual incidents of tardiness will be handled by the classroom teachers. Chronic tardiness will result in a disciplinary action and parents will be contacted. In the event tardiness continues to be a problem, administration will become involved. Students leaving school at any time during the day must be signed out by a parent or guardian at the office, by either coming into the office or calling from the parking lot once you arrive to pick the student up.

Early Arrival

The doors will be locked until 8:45am so students arriving prior to 8:45 am must remain outside the front entrance, until the entry bell has rung.  The only exceptions to this rule are early extra-curricular, supervised activities.

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Teacher Pages

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Using School Cash Online

Instructions for setting up your account

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Strong Parent Seminars

Understanding Mental Health, learning, the school system, raising children, can be difficult at the best of times. Attending the below seminars will assist you in growing strong as a parent.

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Safe Arrival

Safe Arrival Info Letter to Parents.pdf — PDF document, 165 kB (169473 bytes)

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