Green Team

The Manachaban Green Team

Teaching Staff - Marie Grenon (Grade 6 FI ), Nancy Pollard (Grade 8), Erin Carriere (Grade 5), Michelle Cooledge (Grade 5)

Support Staff - Suzanne Greenland (Technologist), Tina Branscombe (Custodial)


Inspire and educate the Manachaban community to reduce our environmental footprint.


  • Inspire global and environmental stewardship
  • Enhance our culture of environmental stewardship
  • Change behaviour (attitudes and value)
  • Inspire our staff, students, and school community to become environmentalists, thereby improving the environment
  • Inspire each home room to do an “action project”


Annually hold a  “Manachaban Environment Expo” to showcase environmental accomplishments from the school year.  Each grade/class will participate.  We also plan activities for Environment week.

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